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Côa Valley panoramic view

Wild Côa Network

Located between Douro river and Malcata Mountain range, the Great Valley of Côa is an absolutely striking region with a truly rich natural, cultural and historical heritage. A group of local enterprises based in this territory created a new business network – Wild Côa Network – in order to put Côa Valley on the sustainable tourism agenda.

Casa de São Lourenço - Burel Panorama Hotel

Digital Nomads - Casa de São Lourenço - Burel Panorama Hotel

Aromático 54

Aromático 54

Baloiço da Pateira do Carregal

Pateira do Carregal swing

Passadiços das Fragas de São Simão

Wooden paths of Fragas de São Simão

Solar do Vinho do Dão

Welcome Center of the Dão Wine Route

Companhia Portugueza do Chocolate

Companhia Portugueza do Chocolate