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Casas de Alpedrinha

Working remotely from Casas de Alpedrinha

The pandemic has changed the world in many ways and the way we work is no exception. The beautiful houses Casas de Alpedrinha, located in the charming village of Alpedrinha, on the southern slope of Gardunha Mountain, 15 minutes away from the city Fundão, are ready to welcome guests who wish to work remotely. And safely. Stays can last from a few days to months.

Casas de Alpedrinha was born from the renovation of Quinta do Anjo da Guarda and feature a space full of happy memories, that’s why it kept the original architectural design of the buildings, an attribute of the 40s.

This unit has 17 rooms, spread over 10 houses, offering its guests all amenities and the utmost comfort, in full contact with the surrounding nature. Casas de Alpedrinha also includes a restaurant – Papo d’Anjo – a tennis court and a wonderful spring water swimming pool, a greatly relevant endogenous resource in the region. Casas de Alpedrinha organizes tours to the Historical Villages, the Alpedrinha village, and its guests have direct access to hiking trails in the Serra da Gardunha Protected Landscape.

Benefiting from a great location at the heart of a village, Casas de Alpedrinha have groceries nearby, allowing guests to lead a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. A safe option for individual workers or companies in these challenging times.

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