Edition 36 — 15.11.2021 • 21.11.2021
Colectivo Licuado URU

The small town of Covilhã at the foothill of Serra da Estrela is the epicentre of the street art scene in Center of Portugal. WOOL is also the name of the first festival for street art in Center of Portugal, which has been held annually since 2011 with the help of many local volunteers.

The driving force behind the festival is Lara Seixo Rodrigues, who was born in Covilhã, studied architecture in Lisbon and has since become an internationally recognised and sought-after expert. For example, she is also the curator of a street art festival designed for senior citizens in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her successes can be seen: in the meantime there is not only a street art route through Center of Portugal, but also an official street art route through Covilhã, which leads to 40 works of art. And the organisers of the WOOL festival are also active in other cities in Portugal and abroad.

This year the festival celebrates its 10th anniversary, launching a surprising technological asset: Talk2Me platform, in cooperation with NEST Portugal. Talk2Me is a message bot activated by a QR code contained in the urban art works of the historical centre of Covilhã. Through this bot messenger technology, visitors can get detailed info on the authors and the stories behind every work, as well as their meanings, main features and purposes.

This is certainly a new way of discovering the amazing legacy of WOOL, now available for everyone, bringing the community closer to the art works. All you need is a QR code reader! And off you go!

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