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Côa Valley panoramic view

Wild Côa Network

Located between Douro river and Malcata Mountain range, the Great Valley of Côa is an absolutely striking region with a truly rich natural, cultural and historical heritage.

The Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Côa Valley are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They make up the largest open-air collection of prehistory art in Europe.

Vale do Côa Côa Valley engravings Picnic Côa Valley Griffon vultures Côa Valley dinner Faia Brava Natural Reserve Côa Valley

A group of local enterprises based in this territory created a new business network – Wild Côa Network – in order to put Côa Valley on the sustainable tourism agenda. This network consists of 12 companies working together to develop unique programmes: Portugal A2Z, Ambieduca, Casas de Villar, Casa da Cisterna, Casa Villar Mayor, Flor Alta, Matreira, DreamOverland, Miles Away, WildCôa, WildlifePortugal and Rotas e Raízes.

There are many exciting experiences for travellers, such as: night visits to the engravings of Côa Valley; a picnic or a dinner at the heart of the most peaceful nature; taking the 200 km long Grande Route of Côa Valley on foot, by mountain bike or even on horseback!

A whole world to unveil that provides its visitors unique sustainable experiences at the heart of nature, hand in hand with local communities. Nature tourism leading the way.

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Cover photo credits: Côa Museum