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Vouzela pastry

Vouzela pastry

The sweet pastry of Vouzela is truly a gastronomic icon of this city, located 30 km away from Viseu. There is a sort of an healthy “rivalry” between Vouzela and Tentúgal pastries. In fact, they are deeply similar and equally delicious!

The Vouzela pastry dates back to the 19th century and it is a sweet temptation made of egg yolk and (lots of) sugar! Legend has it that the iconic Vouzela pastry was created by a hard-working orphan lady who was adopted by 9 sisters. Two of those 9 sisters were nuns at the Santa Clara Convent in Porto and they taught her the pastry recipe. She became a mother of 14 children and she began baking this incredible sweet pastry, in order to feed her numerous family.

The recipe continues to be a well-kept secret. It is baked nowadays by 4 local families of Vouzela. This sweet speciality is made of a very thin puff pastry, filled with "ovos-moles" (egg yolk). The result is a multi-layer puff pastry with an absolutely unbeatable filling!

Available in the several patisseries of Vouzela, this delicious sweet pastry is a symbol of local identity!

Vouzela pastry Vouzela pastry Vouzela pastry Vouzela pastry