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Vista Alegre Textiles

Vista Alegre textiles

From porcelain to textile. The prestigious world-acclaimed porcelain brand Vista Alegre has launched a textile collection consisting of scarves and blankets, inspired by sophisticated porcelain motives. These amazing pieces are made of the purest cashmere produced in a sustainable way in Central Mongolia. An extraordinary soft and delicate tissue that combines perfectly with the elegant porcelain pieces designed by Vista Alegre.

The cashmere wool is handmade collected by the Mongol shepherds in a painless way for the goats ("Capra hircus"). The wool is sent to quality control. At this stage the process is led by the world's greatest specialists in superior cashmere weaving, suppliers of the great haute couture houses. A process that combines technology and a deep craft know-how.

Renowned fado singer Ana Moura is the ambassador of this textile collection launched by Vista Alegre: "Crossing the stages of the world, it will be a great pleasure to take with me the cashmere shawls and blankets for feeling comfortable in the places where I stay." Vista Alegre and Ana Moura come together in the organic evolution of the brand with motives inspired by 4 porcelain collections: Duality, Ivory, Transatlantic and Amazonia.

Prestigious Portuguese TV host and UN Goodwill Ambassador Catarina Furtado is also a face of Vista Alegre textile collection: “It is for me a great honour to partner up with one of the most prestigious world-acclaimed brands. Vista Alegre is part of the national identity that should make us all proud. Through this collection the brand is contributing to preserve an ecosystem and a knowledge chain that has remained untouched throughout time and where time is king. A sustainable project that attracted me, crowned by beautiful and versatile shawls and blankets!".

Vista Alegre scarves were awarded the German Design Award 2021.

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Vista Alegre Textiles Vista Alegre Textiles Catarina Furtado for Vista Alegre textiles Vista Alegre Textiles