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Villa Portela in Leiria

Villa Portela

Villa Portela is an historical landmark of the city of Leiria that dates back to the 19th century. Built by Roberto Charters Henriques d'Azevedo in 1894, this iconic cottage was inspired by Swiss architecture. The municipality of Leiria has the goal of converting Villa Portela in a art centre. In 2021, Villa Portela is the epicentre of the art festival A Porta, inviting local citizens to think about its past, present and future.

Villa Portela has a beautiful romantic garden, as well as a true glamorous aura that takes us back to golden times of local history. An enchanting spot of Leiria that was bought by the City Hall in 2017 and classified Monument of Municipal Interest in July 2019.

The memories of Villa Portela are a living part of the cultural heritage of Leiria, defining its collective identity and making it so deeply meaningful!

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Villa Portela in Leiria Villa Portela in Leiria Villa Portela in Leiria Villa Portela in Leiria