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Victoria Handmade

Victoria Handmade

‘’I was born in a basket. I remember watching my mother weave, the noise of the comb hitting one of the looms we had at home while I was taking a nap.'' -Esperança Vitória, CEO of Victoria Handmade brand

When Esperança Vitória was 38 years-old, she left her job and started from scratch. She created Victoria Handmade, a brand that was born from the passion for reed basketry, that was the traditional occupation of her family. Her work is a tribute to the memorable baskets made by her grandfather.

Victoria Handmade produces stunning fashionable baskets made of renewable and sustainable fibres that are handmade woven. The used raw material is reed, born wildly in nature without pesticides or human hand every single year. This sustainable eco-friendly Portuguese brand is guided by a fair trade philosophy that safeguards the priceless handwork placed in each basket.

Every bask tells a story. Handmade with love. From Porto de Mós to the world.

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