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Solar-electric boat in Côa River

Travelling by solar-electric boat

There's a new sustainable way to discover the breath-taking region of Côa Valley: by solar-electric powered boat. Organised by the Côa Museum, the trip starts in Canada do Inferno, across the dazzling natural landscape of Côa River. This trip does not include a visit to the rock art engravings, though.

The solar and electric-powered boat has capacity for 12 guests. These tours officially started in the summer of 2021, unveiling areas of the World Heritage Côa Valley never visited before.

Throughout 4 km along the Côa River, between Canada do Inferno dock and Fariseu site, visitors have the opportunity to observe the landscape and discover some of its most important aspects, such as: the fauna (nesting sites of migratory birds), the flora, the agricultural mosaic, includes the Mediterranean trilogy of cultures (almond, olive and vine) and the vernacular architecture (dovecotes and windmills).

The boat built with sustainable materials, moved by solar energy, intends to give a more sustainable answer to the Côa Valley visit. It was produced by a Portuguese company - Sun Concept - Solar Boat Builders - based in Olhão.

No fuel needed, just sun!

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Solar-electric boat in Côa River Solar-electric boat in Côa River Solar-electric boat in Côa River Solar-electric boat in Côa River