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Tower of the University of Coimbra

Tower of the University of Coimbra

This week's edition is dedicated to Time: the greatest luxury of all. Time to discover impressive monuments. Time to learn from History. Time to plant a garden and to watch how perfectly trees and flowers grow. Time to bake exquisite meals. Time to shepherd the flocks at the heart of the most stunning natural landscapes. Time to embrace memories. While looking at the future.

Tower of the University of Coimbra
Paço das Escolas is dominated by one of the most symbolic structures in Coimbra, its 17th century tower which holds the clock and bells that regulate academic life. It was built in 1537 when the university, which was about to be established at King John III’s palace, insisted that “there could be no order without a clock”.

Thus, the proverbial goat was deemed responsible for the start of study hours in every eve before school days. According to the old academic tradition, a student who is on the first year of university cannot be on the street after the bell tolls.

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University of Coimbra View over the University of Coimbra from Machado de Castro National Museum University of Coimbra by Óscar Almeida Coimbra