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Grão Vasco

The genius of Grão Vasco

The painting of Grão Vasco, a Portuguese Renaissance master, has deeply influenced the History of European painting. He was in fact the first painter in Europe to depict the Brazilian native. A genius of his time.

His amazing works are housed in Grão Vasco National Museum, a true symbol of the city of Viseu. Created in 1916 and deeply remodelled between 2001 and 2003, Grão Vasco National Museum was established in the Três Escalões Palace, next to the Viseu Cathedral, where the old seminary used to be. Within the collection, the remarkable set of retable paintings by 15th century artist Vasco Fernandes, known as Grão Vasco (the Great Vasco) which comes from the cathedral, churches in the region and from other museums, stands out.

But those who visit the Grão Vasco National Museum should also not miss the chance to enjoy works by painters such as Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, José Malhoa, Alfredo Keil, Soares dos Reis, Silva Porto, António Ramalho or Sousa Lopes, or even porcelain, furniture, sculpture, jewellery and numismatic pieces – a true treasure kept by the city of Viseu.

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