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The Cork Food Box - team

The Cork Food Box

A group of 7 students of Chemical Engineering of the University of Coimbra - Alexandre Jorge, Ana Silva, Cindi Costa, Francisco Brandão, Margarida Oliveira, Raquel Caracitas and Rodrigo Moreira - led by their teacher João d'Orey, created an innovative lunch box made of cork and biopolymer, in partnership with Amorim Cork Composites.

This lunch box is called The Cork Food Box and it was inspired by ancient sustainable practices of agricultural workers in Alentejo, who used cork boxes to store and to transport their meals. This recipient was called "tarro".

This cork lunch box can be very useful for students, workers, for take-away and for events, avoiding plastic and single-use recipients. The main goal of this challenging project was to launch a sustainable business model based on circular economy. Another creative feature of this ecological lunch box is the fact that when the life cycle is over, the materials can be used for flooring, thus reducing its environmental impact.

The Cork Food Box can be used for transporting food in different sizes, drinks and coffee.

A smart solution for a greener and more sustainable future!