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Camellias of Buçaco National Woods

The Camellias of Buçaco National Woods

Camellias have always been fascinating ornamental items for centuries. But it was in the 19th century that this fascination reached its peak, especially in the North of the country, in Sintra and in the magical Buçaco National Woods, where the weather conditions were very favourable for the development of this seducing flower. Camellias were very popular among aristocratic collectors.

Buçaco National Woods owns an amazing collection of 180 Camellia (Camellia japonica) specimens. This collection dates back to 1884 and it was a gift of Alfredo Allen, Viscount of Quinta Villar d’Allen. The Buçaco Camellias can be spotted across the whole Woods, but especially next to the gardens of The Bussaco Palace and around the Fountain of S. Silvestre and the big lake of Buçaco Woods.

These romantic flowers blossom between February and May. Back in the 19th century as in the present day, Camellias cast a spell on everyone! A great leitmotif for discovering the botanical richness of Buçaco National Woods.

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