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Campo Benfeito

Soulful villages

Beautifully located at the Montemuro Mountain, the bucolic villages of Campo Benfeito and Mezio are true precious jewels of the region of Castro Daire. Magical places at the heart of Mother Nature where we can still hear the inspiring sound of silence.

Embraced by Montemuro Mountain, Campo Benfeito still lives in the traditions inherited from the past. A remarkable heritage quite visible in the architecture of the typical houses built in regional granite. The tour across Campo Benfeito must include a detailed visit to the village, to the viewpoint with a panoramic view over the enchanting surrounding landscape and a refreshing walking tour to the crystal-clear river streams, where visitors can rest under the soothing shadows of oak trees and alder trees. The typical mountain mills built in granite with thatched roofs are a true must.

Situated at the heart of Montemuro Mountain, the village of Mezio is placed in a truly wild natural setting. Ervital is a biological agriculture company that produces biological teas, engaging the local community of Mezio. The streets of Mezio are narrow and winding with typical granite houses. The Way of Santiago crosses the village, namely its greenest part. The historical heritage of Mezio is quite remarkable.

Campo Benfeito Campo Benfeito Campo Benfeito Campo Benfeito Mezio Mezio Mezio Mezio