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Santar Garden Village

Santar Garden Village

Santar is a wonderful aristocratic village situated 25 minutes away from Viseu at the heart of Dão Wine Demarcated Region. It is particularly surprising due to its cultural heritage and the beauty of its landscape dominated by the vineyards with Caramulo Mountain in the north and Serra da Estrela defining the skyline in the south.

The heart of Santar is made of granite and noble buildings, but also several tanks, fountains and walls. Behind these walls there are gardens in terraces. Santar Garden Village is a project that was born in 2013 to tear walls apart, build bridges, uniting wills and bringing gardens together.

The gardens of the manor houses Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães, Casa da Magnólia, Misericórdia, Linhares, Casa Ibérico Nogueira, Casa do Miradouro, Paço dos Cunhas and Casa das Fidalgas are included in the garden route of Santar.

There are also the vineyard gardens that strongly define the identity of Santar. The project of Santar Garden Village values the uniqueness of Santar village, unveiling its many secrets, its views, its charms. It has reinforced the identity of the landscape and it is a way of visiting the village and its history through the gardens. Fernando Caruncho was the landscape architect who has awaken the sleeping nature of these places, fulfilling the goal of the house Casa dos Condes de Santar e Magalhães: making Santar irresistible and fostering the social, cultural and economic development of the region.

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Santar Garden Village Santar Garden Village Santar Garden Village Santar Garden Village