Edition 36 — 15.11.2021 • 21.11.2021
Queijeiras 7

The project Queijeiras (Women cheese-makers) is developed by the Mountain Villages network in partnership with the designer Sandra Pinho and Burel Factory. It is simultaneously a tribute to the crucial role played by the women who work so hard in cheese-making, creating the cheese of Serra da Estrela region, an outstanding product with national and international recognition, but also a means of financing their training courses.

The designer Sandra Pinho, in collaboration with Burel Factory, has created capes in burel wool named after the women who work in cheese-making in Serra da Estrela and in the Mountain Villages. They are called "Queijeiras". The capes can be bought online on the Queijeiras website of the project or on the online shop of Burel Factory. As you buy a Queijeiras cape, you are helping a woman attending a training course and improving her education.

This inspiring project will support 40 women of 9 different municipalities reaching their dreams. A decisive step to a well-deserved emancipation.

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