Pena d'Água Boutique Hotel & Villas

Edition 3 — 15.03.2021 • 21.03.2021
Pena d Água Boutique Hotel Villas

Pena d'Água Boutique Hotel & Villas is the first 4-star hotel located at the heart of the historical centre of Covilhã. Inspired by nature, this is a place of comfort and peacefulness that pays a tribute to the memory of Covilhã as a wool-producing city. A hymn to reinvention.

Housed in a former 19th century building, Pena d'Água Boutique Hotel & Villas opened its doors on December 25th 2020, enjoying a privileged location in the city historical centre. This hotel has 19 rooms, including 4 suites, and 8 independent villas, as well as an outdoor pool, an indoor pool and a restaurant.

Elegance and sense of belonging hand in hand.

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