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Baloiço da Pateira do Carregal

Pateira do Carregal swing

Picture yourself swinging over an endless field of water lilies at the heart of the most peaceful natural setting. This is the swing of Pateira do Carregal, located in the surroundings of Aveiro (18 km away from the city centre). This area is particularly rich in terms of both fauna and flora.

Created by a local association, Pateira do Carregal swing was opened in August 2020. It is located in a riverside park, that includes a vast green area, a viewpoint, a jogging circuit, picnic area with tables, a birdwatching tower and this amazing panoramic swing.

Pateira do Carregal swing is also integrated in Mamoa Mountain Bike tour, being an ideal spot for cycling aficionados to take a refreshing break!

The wooden board of the swing says “Look with your soul. Feel with your heart”. This is the place to find peace of mind. To escape the hustle & bustle of everyday life. A place to unplug.

Baloiço da Pateira do Carregal Baloiço da Pateira do Carregal