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The Archaeological Museum of Mação, situated 15 minutes away from Tomar and 30 minutes away from Castelo Branco, opened its doors to the public in 1986, but in 2000 the concept of the museum changed completely, after the important findings of the rock art engravings on the Valley of Ocreza river. The main theme of the museum became the symbolic and the sacred throughout time within the landscape.

Mação is strategically placed at the heart of Tagus River and it was inhabited since immemorial times by communities who lived from agriculture. These traces have left a mark on the landscape. The most remote archaeological findings date back to more than 500.000 thousands years ago. There can be seen vestiges of the Palaeolithic, Neolithic and Bronze Age.

In 2021, the Pre-Historic and Sacred Museum of Mação offers new experiences to its guests, inviting them to take part on a true archaeological adventure by identifying the immaterial, historical and archaeological heritage of the region. This is actually the first app of scientific participation in Portugal. The Museum of Mação has launched 2 innovative apps, as well as virtual visits to the underwater rock art of Tagus River.

A true time travel !

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