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Murtosa swing

Murtosa swing

Swings became a major trend in Portugal. They are actually a great way to get into the spirit of the place and to understand the surrounding natural landscape. The swing of Murtosa, in the surroundings of Aveiro, located in the quay Cais da Cambeia dos Cardosos, is not only a huge swing, but a quite creative one.

Most swings in Portugal tend to be located at the top of mountains in very strategic spots that offer dazzling views over the natural setting. However the brand new Murtosa swing is quite the opposite: it is located next the ocean in front of the Aveiro Lagoon with a fantastic clear view over the mountains. It is 6 meters-high by 6 meters wide. The swing seat is also uncommonly big: 1,20 meters, so that 4 persons can seat simultaneously.

This panoramic swing beautifully placed at the heart of the unique ecosystem of the Aveiro Lagoon is ideal for families and biking or walking aficionados.

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Murtosa swing Murtosa swing Cais da Cambeia do Cardoso in Murtosa