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MUD - Manufacture Under Design

MUD bikes

João Baptista is a Portuguese designer, based in Ovar, in the region of Aveiro, who creates the most charming wooden bikes! He has created the brand MUD - Manufacture Under Design and has recently opened his first shop in Oporto, where you can buy these iconic bikes, as well as other seducing articles!

All MUD bikes are totally handmade in the artist's workshop in Ovar. João Baptista worked in advertising, but one day he decided to change his life completely, professionally. He was very passionate about bike restoring and therefore, one day he bought a board of maritime plywood and decided to build a bike from it. Since then, the 40 bikes he made so far can be found all over the globe. His son, João Bonifácio, founded the brand MUD - Manufacture Under Design, and is now in charge of the store in Oporto.

The wood bikes are almost entirely handmade and offer a unique experience of contact and harmony with nature. The goal was to create an art object but one fully functional that could be used and enjoyed to the fullest.

The brand complements the experience of rediscovering the pleasure of riding a bike with accessories carefully developed that will make you enjoy your rides on two wheels with a smile on your face, such as leather bags. The brand also produces furniture and amps.

Bike riding has never been so stylish!

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MUD - Manufacture Under Design MUD - Manufacture Under Design MUD - Manufacture Under Design MUD - Manufacture Under Design