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Moinho de Avis

Moinho de Avis

Beautifully located in Montejunto Mountain, known for having the greatest amount of windmills in the Iberian Peninsula, Moinho de Avis is a must-see windmill that dates back to 1810.

This typical windmill with its clay pots attached to the sails is situated right behind the restaurant Curral do Burro, supplying the restaurant with flour that is then used to bake mouthwatering fresh bread, made with the rare Barbela wheat.

Miguel Nobre, a carpenter by profession, is a true windmill aficionado who restored Moinho de Avis in 2008. Windmill restoration soon became his full-time job.

Moinho de Avis is the biggest windmill in Portugal. A magical place, where Time plays the main role!

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Moinho de Avis Moinho de Avis Moinho de Avis Moinho de Avis