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Photo credits: Vinhos do Dão

Luxury Dão wines

Dão wine region is specially famous for its robust red grape varieties. However, the white grapes are becoming quite crucial. Encruzado white grape variety is not only native of the Dão, but also of the whole region. Dão wine producers are quite enthusiastic about Encruzado.

In line with the region’s tradition of blending, it wasn’t until the 1990s that single varietal Encruzado wines emerged. For the prestigious wine expert João Paulo Martins, in the last ten years these wines have really started to develop more personality.

Encruzado grape is nowadays the queen of Dão wine region, becoming the basis of high-quality varietal wines that last several years, namely up to 8 years, without losing its remarkable flavours. It should not be served too cold, because it is a delicate grave variety and much of its aroma and flavour would be lost.

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