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Ladeira panoramic swing

Ladeira panoramic swing

Beautifully located at the top of Nazaré (Sítio district), Ladeira swing offers a truly unrivalled view over the endlessness of the Atlantic, the beach of Nazaré, the surfers challenging the ocean and the impeccably aligned white houses. Some say that Ladeira swing is a door to paradise.

Ladeira swing was officially opened in the Autumn of 2020, during the particularly difficult time of the pandemic. It can be regarded as a tribute to the dazzling beauty of Nazaré and its friendly welcoming people.

The inscription engraved on the top of the swing says: “It was love at first sight”. A place to marvel at the endless beauty of the involving natural landscape. And to be thankful for life’s greatest gifts. There’s no other love like the first one.

Ladeira panoramic swing Nazaré