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Curral do Burro

Curral do Burro

The peculiar name of this restaurant "curral do burro", meaning "donkey stable" may sound strange, since this is a truly amazing place with a heavenly view over the surrounding landscape of Montejunto Mountain. However, the restaurant is actually housed in a former donkey stable.

Curral do Burro is a deeply charming restaurant where guests can enjoy absolutely mouth-watering dishes, paired with the most exquisite wines in the inviting terrace. The brunch is also truly a must! Veggie courses can also be ordered upon request.

The flour used to bake the bread of Curral do Burro comes from the dazzling Moinho de Avis windmill, placed in front of the restaurant.

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Curral do Burro Curral do Burro Curral do Burro Curral do Burro