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Pastel da Covilhã

Covilhã pastry

Covilhã was one of the most thriving wool-producing cities in Portugal with a deeply rich industrial heritage. The typical pastry of Covilhã is a living testimony of the industrial past of this city, much appreciated among locals.

This delicacy consists of a puff pastry stuffed with meat smothered in a special sauce made of saffron, vinegar and parsley. This highly nutritive puff pastry was actually the meal of the wool factory workers in the 20's.

The Covilhã pastry is also known locally as "sauce pastry", always served in a deep plate. This delicious speciality can be tasted in several restaurants of the city, such as: Balcão Bar and Taberna A Laranjinha.

Pastel da Covilhã Pastel da Covilhã Pastel da Covilhã