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4 women - Ester, Henriqueta, Engrácia and Isabel - weaving extraordinary creations in wool, linen and burel, at the heart of Montemuro Mountain, only half an hour away from Viseu. An inspiring project of woman empowerment that pays homage to the past. With eyes on the promising future.

The Capuchinhas project began in the 80's in the enchanting village of Campo Benfeito in Montemuro Mountain. "Capuchinha" is the name of the cape worn by the shepherds that protected them from the cold and the rain in Winter time.

All the collections are original and exclusively designed for Capuchinhas by the Portuguese designer Paula Caria.

Recently the Capuchinhas have launched their website that includes an online shop!

"We preserve the past, reinvent tissues and patterns, dye the wool with natural colours and create clothes that fit the modern times. Day after day, we have the responsibility in our hands to create original, elegant and sophisticated clothes in harmony with the spirit of the place that surrounds us: the mountain, the dreams, the smells and the colours."

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