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Bike Inn

Bike Inn

Opened in the beginning of March 2021, Bike Inn is a local accommodation especially designed for bike lovers. It benefits from a privileged location at the heart of Vouzela, 25 km away from Viseu.

Bike Inn has 6 rooms, named after the colours of the bike competitions: yellow, blue, white, pink, green and black. All rooms are bike-friendly and have bike hangers. Some rooms offer a dazzling view over São Macário Mountain. The rooms have private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, kitchen and Nespresso coffee machines.

Vouga Valley biking and walking trail
The municipality of Vouzela is currently working on the development of Vouga Valley bike trail. Originally known as the Vale das Voltas railway connection, this circuit connected Espinho to Viseu. Opened in 1914, the only active connection is between Sernada do Vouga and Espiho. The deactivated area will be transformed in the Vouga Valley biking and walking trail. The Vouga Valley trail will be 7 km-long, connecting the municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Oliveira de Frades and Vouzela, embraced by a unique natural landscape.

Natural treasures
Vouzela, included in the old county of Lafões, is located in a very special natural enclave, between the Caramulo Mountains to the south and the Freita-Arada Mountains (Gralheira Massif) to the north, with a rich hydrographic network, dominated by the Vouga Basin, having in its valleys excellent natural conditions.
Vouzela presents this geography and very characteristic natural conditions that are reflected in its ecology.

In opposition to the national trend, increasingly influenced by exotic species, pine and, above all, eucalyptus, in Vouzela the natural forest is still relatively dominant, from the oak-alvarinho in the valleys, and in the higher altitude areas the black oak.

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