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The municipality of Águeda, located in the region of Aveiro, has launched an innovative e-bike sharing system called beÁgueda. This sustainable mobility policy is designed for short-distance routes.

Car traffic has very damaging impacts on the environment, on natural resources, due to an excessive energy consumption, and on human health in general with the rise of noise and air pollution.

beÁgueda e-bike-sharing system is a whole new way of redefining public space and mobility, promoting healthier behaviour with a highly positive effect on the environment. The user card can be obtained at the City Hall of Águeda, the municipal library or the tourism office. It can be used daily, monthly or annually.

By developing this sustainable mobility project, the City Hall of Águeda promotes the use of bikes, a means of transport so deeply rooted in local history and economic growth. The region of Águeda is famous for producing high-quality bikes for the world.

The beÁgueda app is available on Google Play Store or on the App Store.

Thanks to the fascinating Umbrella Sky Project, the eyes of the world have turned to the city of Águeda and its multiplicity of colorful umbrellas – synonymous with sun, creative energy, and joie de vivre!

Águeda is situated 45 minutes from Porto Airport, 3 hours from Lisbon Airport, and 25 minutes from the cities of Aveiro and Coimbra. Hotel Conde d’Águeda is in a prime location within the historical center of Águeda and has 28 double rooms featuring minimalist, contemporary decoration.

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