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Areias do Seixo

Areias do Seixo

Areias do Seixo Hotel, located by the ocean within a unique natural setting is a true manual of sustainable good practices. A place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of contemporary life and to fully connect with nature.

The design/construction of the building and the entire engineering and architectural project were developed based on good environmental management practices, with the objective of promoting harmonious integration with the natural surroundings, minimising/avoiding environmental impacts and reducing the ecological footprint associated with the life cycle of the Hotel.

Several measures were adopted in order to put into practice the sustainability guidelines:

  • Air conditioning of the Hotel based on a geothermal system, composed of vertical and horizontal energy capture, thermal circuit by radiant floor supported by heat pumps. This ecological system makes efficient use of the existing temperature inside the earth for the subsequent climatisation of the building and water heating;
  • Use of cork on the double walls for thermal insulation of the building (in certain areas where cork cannot be used, expanded polystyrene was used for insulation);
  • Routing of springs - found during the construction phase of the development's foundations - and rainwater to an existing well on the property, ensuring that surplus water is reintroduced into the existing water lines; feeding of the swimming pool water by a borehole existing on the property;
  • Heating of the swimming pool using the thermal surpluses from solar and geothermal energy;
  • Purchases are made with a view to preventing the production of waste, e.g. bulk purchases, returnable tins, purchases in large quantities;
  • The organic fraction of the waste is sent to the existing composting unit, obtaining an organic compound, without chemical additives, which is used as natural fertiliser for application on the agricultural soils of the vegetable garden - which produces fruit and vegetables for supplying the hotel;
  • The use of dehydrated orange peels and pine cones to substitute the traditional and polluting fireplace lighting;
  • Original decoration, based on the principles of Upcycling, which consists of reusing old objects in a creative way, giving a new and better purpose to a material that would otherwise be discarded;
  • Abolition of disposable plastics, namely straws;
  • Compostable paper napkins;
  • Design of seasonal menus, according to the production of our vegetable garden and, whenever possible, using local and organic products;
  • The vast majority of the species chosen for the garden areas are autochthonous (local) and do not need watering, they only depend on rainwater;
  • Within the scope of the implementation of the quality policy, every year, financial and environmental objectives, indicators and targets are defined to which the Administration and all employees commit themselves.

These goals include sustained growth and positive net results; ratio of the cost of food and beverages, compared to the volume of services provided; ratio between the amount of raw material produced in the vegetable garden and its disposal in the Restaurant, avoiding the displacement of raw material; reduction of the cost of electricity, water and gas, among others.

Furthermore, the Areias do Seixo project favours the proximity criterion as one of the selection criteria for both employees and suppliers, aiming to contribute to the region's economy and reduce the ecological footprint associated with the transport of goods and services.

Sustainability is written all over the ADN of Areias do Seixo Hotel ! This is what the future looks like.

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