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Alcôa Patisserie

Alcôa Patisserie

Pastelaria Alcôa is a fantastic patisserie located at the heart of Alcobaça right in front of the UNESCO World Heritage Monastery of Alcobaça, one of the most impressive examples of Cistercian architecture in Europe.

Here you can taste the most amazing pastries, as well as the famous award-winning custard pastry “pastel de nata”.

Alcôa Patisserie produces the mouth-watering "cornucópias". Although its origin is uncertain, it seems that the Cornucópias were created in the Monastery of Coz, founded in the 12th century, under the umbrella of the Monastery of Alcobaça. Its shape is inspired by a horn-shaped vase, which in ancient times symbolized fertility and abundance, as fruit and flowers flowed from within. These sweets are stuffed with soft eggs, made with yolks and sugar, almost the only ingredients that come into the recipe of Portuguese convent sweets, after the use of egg whites for more prosaic purposes.

Irresistibly sweet!

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Alcôa Patisserie Alcôa Patisserie Alcôa Patisserie Alcôa Patisserie