A Transformadora

Edition 36 — 15.11.2021 • 21.11.2021
A Transformadora

A Transformadora, Fábrica do Pisão Novo, bought by Burel Factory, has a long history in Covilhã, the “city built in wool”. With the processing of loose wool, yarns and fabric, A Transformadora is now renewing its vision of the future for the wool industry, as a leading textile company specialised in wool finishing and dyeing.

As its mission, a commitment to the quality of finishing and dyeing services, price, delivery time and precision with the client's request, promoting sustainable practices and responsibility with the local community. With a team of professionals with great experience, creativity, and passion for the wool tradition, A Transformadora is very proud of everything it does.

With an updated equipment pool and incorporating traditional methods, the factory produces all types of wool fabrics and their mixtures, investing heavily in short-term innovation.

A Transformadora finishes and dyes all types of fabrics. From very light combed items (200 g/m) to heavily carded fabrics (800 g/m), with the required quality both in terms of “Feel” as well as in terms of “Look”, “Manufacturing” and “Performance while being used”.

A sustainable transformation heading to the future !

A Transformadora
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