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A Porta Festival

A Porta Festival

Inspired by the motto "Insist. Resist. Exist", the art festival A Porta ("the door") takes place in the mythical building of Villa Portela, in the city of Leiria. This door is different from any other door. It can only be opened.

More than a festival, A Porta is a community event held in a 18th century-old house - Villa Portela - a true landmark of the city. This event will take place in the first 3 weekends of July. It is an invitation to discover Villa Portela and to reflect upon this pivotal spot of the city that will most likely be converted in a art centre of Leiria. The festival is basically a meaningful reflection on the past, the present and the future of Villa Portela.

Traditionally, the epicentre of the art festival A Porta was the most central street in the city - Rua Direita - however the pandemic led to a change of setting, due to health security reasons.

Music, art installations, cinema, workshops for children are comprised in the cultural programme of A Porta art festival. A door to an inspired city!


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A Porta Festival A Porta Festival A Porta Festival A Porta Festival